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1558Village of Holland Water Sys Improvement Proj Ph 2
1569Kimberly Bridge Feasibility Study
1574Replacement of Pump Station 30
1576Kings Highway Entrance to Lone Star Lakes
1584Business Reinvention Project Partnership
1586Automotive Lubricants
1587Alternators and Starters
1588Restaurant Services
1589Public Utilities Operations Center
1590Propane - City and Schools
1598Pipeline Inspection Camera & Tractor
16016" Trailer Mounted Trash Pumps
1604Village of Holland Elevted Water Storage Tank
1611Ambulance Billing Services
1573Construction Testing and Inspection Services
1600Pump Station 13 Force Main
1619Fireworks Display
1622Upfitting of Police Vehicles
1624Service Truck with Attached Crane
1634Horizontal Directional Drillling Unit
1567Appraisal Services for Right of Way
1583Engeering - College Drive 16-Inch Water Distr. Mai
1597Two Ford Taurus Automobiles
1616Dump Trucks with Spreaders and Snow Plows
1630Lake Meade Dog Park Driveway and Parking Lot Impro
1636Pickup Trucks
1642Water Treatment Plant Horizontal Directional Drill
1644Whaleyville Community Center
1645Wilroy Road Water Extension Project
1646Lease of Box Hangar No. 6
1648Traffic Paint and Thermoplastic Pavement Materials
1654LED Traffic signal Equipment
1656Van - Weight Enforcement Unit
1658G/ Robert House WTP Sewer Force Main Extension
1659Directional Boring - Trenchless Excavation
1664Master Lease Financial Services
1666Bus Advertising Services
1578Multipurpose Utility Vehicles
158236-Inch Raw Water Transmission Main Proj - Phase I
1592Landscaping - Hall Avenue
1596Four Ford Escapes
1661Traffic Video Detection Equipment
1669Forestry Consulting Services
1676Crittenden Eclipse Sewer and Water Extension
1677Moving Services
1678Dump Truck with Spreader and Snow Plow
1684Timber Sale - Carolina road
1691Pest Control - re-bid - annual services 2013
1692Landscaping Services - Roadways 2013
1631Everetts Road Water Main, Phase II Project
1639Rental of Portable Toilets
1683Voluntary Employee Benefits
1686Suburban Drive Gravity Sewer Project
1687Ditch Cleaning Services - Annual Services
1693Special Events Security 2013
1695Concrete Driveway & Sidewalk Repairs
1698Janitorial Paper Products 2013
1700Grass Cutting Services - Hosier Road Landfill
1701Cab and Chassis w ith Vegetation Sprayer
1704Shoulders Hill Water Main Design
1706Architectural and Engineering - Fire Station 1
1708Promotional Items Annual Services Contract
1710Find and Fix Annual Construction Services
1718Elevator Maintenance Annual Services Re-Bid
1719Updating of Parks and Recreation Master Plan
1720Farm Lease - Northgate Commerce Park
1722Service Truck with Crane
1730Softball Officiating Services
1786Turlington Road Sewer and Pump Station 162
1733Cab and Chassis with Articulating Crane
1735Crusher Run, Stone, & Rip Rap
1641Sound Services - Summer Concert Series
1643Village of Holland Water Transmission Main
1653Water Treatment Chemicals
1657Corporate Hangar Access Road
1680Addition To Police Administration Building
1721Inspection of Bridges, Traffic Control Device, etc
1732Turlington Park Sanitary Sewer Phase 1
1734Mobile Office Unit
1736Select Fill, Class B Sand, & Screened Topsoil
1740Office Supplies Annual Contract
1741Barge for July 4th Fireworks
1742Water Meters
1744Mowing Services Primary Routes
1745Reflective Sheeting and EC Film for Traffic Signs
1746Architectural and Engineering Services - Annual
1747Skilled Trades Annual Services Contract
1749Electrical Services Annual Services Contract
1751ATM Services
1758Fire Safety Protective Clothing and Equipment
1760Robbie Road Bridge Replacement
1763Grass Seed and Fiber Mulch
1764Website Maintenance
1767Land Surveying Services
1688Lake Speight Colony Neighborhood Sewer Improvement
1703Right of Way Consulting Services
1739Route 17 Water Transmission Main
1762Manning Bridge Road bridge replacement
1771Police Safety Clothing and Equipment
1772Personal Protective Equipment
1774Signage for E911/Municipal Center
1775Public Works Operations Center
1776Safety Supplies
1778Generator Leasing and Maintenance
1788WTWA 36" Raw Water Main
1782City Employee Health Screenings
1790Boat Ramp, Fishing Platform, Parking Lot & Shoreli
1792Engineering Services - Airport Site Improvements
1794Turlington Park Sanitary Sewer Phase II and PS 141
1795Bridge Repairs Annual Contract
1796Development of Fitness Testing for Police Officers
1802Washed Sand
1804Intersection Improvements
1738Grass Cutting Services Public Utilities
1766Class A Concrete
1777Flu Shots for City Employees
1797Front Load Containers
1801Janitorial Supplies
1806Building Commissioning Services
1807HDPE Pipe
1809College Drive Waterline - Phase I
1810OEM Replacement Parts - Heavy Trucks
1811Safety Shoes Re-bid
1812Concrete Pipe
1816Water Meter Replacement Project
1819Find & Fix Annual Contract for Pump Station Repair
1820Environmental Engineering Services
1822Sanitary Disposal Services
1823Geotechnical Testing and Inspection Services
1824Basketball Officiating Services
1826Aluminum Sign blanks
1828Shoulders Hill Water Transmission Main
1829OEM Replacement Parts - Cummins, Mack & Ford
1833Wastewater Grinder
1743Health and Safety Programs for Utilities
1791Safety Vests and Pants
1830Guardrail Repair and Replacement Services
1831Isle of Wight Drainage Project
1837Commercial Platform Lift
1838Heavy Duty Pickup Truck
1839Cab and Chassis with Landscape Body and Snowplow
1842Crusher Run, Stone, and Rip Rap Re-bid
1844Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel for Emergency Generat
1845Landscape Mulch
1857Gasoline and Fuel Oil
1858Cost Allocation Plan
1859Traffic Signal Pole Replacement
1862Engineering Services for Consent Order
1863Employee Benefits
1864Engineering Services for Public Utilities
1865Towing and Recovery Services - City-owned vehicles
1871Fire Hose, Nozzles, Adapters, Misc Fire Equipment
1873Scrap Metal Services
1879Audio Visual Equipment and Installation
1883Alpolic Sign Blanks
1885Cab and Chassis with Stake Body
1887Consulting Services - Water and Sewer Rates
1803Magnolia Commuter Parking Lot
1808Demolition of Residential Structures
1876Storm Pipe Rehabilitation & Repair
1877Custodial Services
1880Beverage Servers for TGIF
1881Crack Sealing in Asphalt Pavement
1884Street Print Application
1888Dump Trucks and Implements
1890Lockers and Benches for Public Works Ops Center
1891Obstruction Removal and Silviculture
1892Parallel Taxiway & Localizer Relocation
1893Eng- Infrastructure Study/Design for Public Works
1897Bridge Rd and Shoulders Hill Rd Intersection Imp
1899Thermoplastic Striping Machine
1900Companion Services for Elderly and Disabled
1901Chip Sealing & Asphalt Emulsion Services
1902Ford OEM Parts - Automobiles and Light Buses
1904Exterior Dome PTZ Traffic Cameras
1905Predictive Policing Software
1907Constants Wharf Canoe and Kayak Launching Pier
1908Pump Station #12 Replacement
1909Main Street Sidewalk - Phase II
1912Mowing and Cleanup of Vacant Properties
1919Legislative Services
1920Cleaning Supplies
1923Pump Station # 25 Replacement
1832North Suffolk Tank Rehabilitation
1843Ditch Cleaning Services Re-bid
1846Temporary Labor Services
1849Pool Maintenance and Operation
1861Financial Advisory Services
1889Design and Engineering for Transfer Station
1896Asbestos and Lead Paint Inspection Services
1910Automotive Body Collision Repair Services
1911Bond Counsel Services
1917Traffic Signal Controller Cabinets and Controllers
1921Janitorial Paper Products
1922Trash Can Liners
1924Automotive Lubricants
1926Automotive Glass Replacement and Repairs
1927Landscaping Services-Clarys Drive
1928Meter Reading Services
1929Water Meter Replacement Project
1930Elevator Maintenance Annual Contract
1931Bulk Ice Control Rock Salt
1935Plumbing Services Annual Contract
1937Maritime Thermal Night Vision Systems
1943Construction of Wellons Park Ball Field
1944Slide-In Animal Control Unit
1947Grass Cutting Services Parks and Recreation
1954Landscaping Services City Owned Buildings
1957Purchase of Waste Oil
1958Restaurant Services - Suffolk Executive Airport
1878Storm Water Pipe Installation
1894Veterinary Services
1903Grass Cutting-Fleet & IT
1934Truck Mounted Attenuators
1945Refuse Containers
1946Thermoplastic Pavement Marking Materials
1948Sungard Civil Processing Module
1951Sport Utility Vehicles for Fire and Police
1955Cab and Chassis with Attached Attenuator
1960Grounds Maintenance Industrial Parks
1967Boston Park Playground Construction
1974Boat and Trailer
1975Fire Hydrant Maintenance and Inspection Services
1976Bridge Replacements on Arthur Drive (Rte 643)
1977Traffic Paint and Thermoplastic Pavement Materials
1978Find and Fix Construction Services
1983Water Treatment Chemicals
1986Review and Update of Downtown Suffolk Plan
1988Animal Carcass Incinerator
1990Design-Build Services for CenterPoint Roadway
1992Portland Cement Mortar Mix and Ready Mix Quickcret
1993Railway Consulting and Engineering Services
1995Storage Building for Mosquito Control
1996Renovation of Fire Station # 1
1997Concrete Curbing Installation
1933Mobile Gateways (GPS/AVL) for Police
1936Chuckatuck Fire Station Pump Station
1952Franchise for Natural Gas Distribution
1956Obici Place Main Street Improvements
1959Rental of Dump Trucks and Large Equipment
1973Route 58 to Pruden Blvd. Ramp Improvements
1987Consultant for Employee Benefits
1999College Drive Bulkhead and Sidewalk Improvements
2003Actuarial Services
2004Traffic Video Detection Equipment
2005Demolition of Southwestern Elementary School
2009Youth Basketball Uniforms
2010Bus Parts and Repair Services
2012Intelligent Transit System
2013Directional Boring and Trenchless Excavation
2014Special Event Security
2015Cab and Chassis w/Landscape Body and Snowplow
2017Grass Cutting Services Hosier Road Landfill
2027Aviation Fuel Rebid
2030Above Ground Storage Tanks
2032Landscaping Services-Roadways
2033Compact Excavator
1882Tire Recapping Services
1886Water Treatment Chemicals
1913PCI Evaluation
1916Parking Lot Lights for Police Department
1991Document Destruction Services
2018Sewage Pump Station #23 Replacement
2029Dump Truck
2034Sewer and Water Main Extension and Pump Station
2036LED Traffic Signal Equipment - Rebid
2037Concrete Driveway and Sidewalk Repairs
2038Painting Morgan Memorial Library
2039Visitor Center Pavilion
2040Farm Leases - Lone Star Lakes
2041Transparity Traffic Management System Software
2043Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)- Annual Supplies
2044Fuel Dispensers for Fleet Management
2046Pump Station # 124 Improvements and Force Main
2047Oak Ridge Water Main Replacement
2052Water Services Line Replacement Annual Contract
2053Utilities Operations Center Storeroom
2054Cypress Park Pool - Upgrades and Repair
2057College Drive Roundabout
2058EDR Well Pump Removal, Inspection and Installation
2059Grass Cutting Services Public Utilities
2064Demolition Services for Route 58 Improvements
2065Environmental Review Record (ERR) Assistance
1898Paving Services Annual Contract
1906Fireworks Display
1942Portable Solar Message Boards
1982Pump Stations 14 and 159 Improvements
1985Taxiway A Rehabilitation
2002Consulting Services Pavement Asset Inventory
2048Softball Officiating Services
2055Natural Gas Franchise for northern Suffolk
2062Select Fill Class B Sand and Screened Topsoil
2066Lake Kennedy Park Trail
2067Large Dump Trucks
2068Selective Demolition of Nansemond County School
2069Office Supplies
2070Vending Services
2072Barge for July 4th Fireworks
2073Restaurant Services - Suffolk Executive Airport
2075Inspection and Maintenance of Radio Towers
2077Mowing Services Primary Routes
2078Reflective Sheeting and EC Film for Traffic Signs
2079Polo Shirts T-Shirts Jackets Caps
2080BMP Maintenance Services
2081Traffic Signal Technician Services
2083General Services Contractor
2085Electrical Services
2088Demolition of Pump Station 40
1962Tree Removal Stump Removal Tree Trimming
1963Pump Station #5 and Force Main Replacement
1965Ditch Mainenance Vehicle
1968Rental of Portable Toilets
1971Automated Vehicle Locating System
2031Cartridge Filters for EDR Units
2082Rosewood/Old Somerton Water System Project
2092Police Promotional Assessment Center
2093Walk-In Van
2095Runway 4-22 Rehabilitation
2096False Alarm Billing and Tracking Services
2097Terminal auto Parking Construction
2098Godwin Blvd. Park and Ride Facility
2099Inspection of Bridges, Traffic Control Devices
2100Class A Concrete Re-bid
2101Grass Seed & Fiber Mulch Re-bid
2102Safety Supplies
2103Pumping, Hauling, and Repair for Septic Tanks
2104Animal Transport Unit
2105Personal Protective Equipment
2106Engineering Printer/Scanner/Copier
2107Find and Fix Collection System and Pump
2109Professional Land Surveying Services
2113Cleaning Supplies
2116Medical Oversight Services-Suffolk Fire and Rescue
2117Uniforms-Fire and Rescue
2119Bridge Repairs
2121Emergency Pump and Haul Services for Pump Stations
2019Pest Control Services
2071Right of Way Consulting Services
2112Janitorial Paper Proucts
2114Trash Can Liners
2118Contractor Applied Pavement Markings
2120OEM Replacement Parts - International - REBID
2122Front Load Containers
2123Washed Sand
2124HDPE Pipe
2125Grass Cutting for Route 58 (REBID)
2126Harbour View Area Traffic Signal Coordination
2127Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones)
2128Fire Hose
2129Concrete Pipe
2130Hobson Water Main Extension
2131Demolition of Residential Structures
2132Safety Shoes
2138Sanitary Disposal Services
2139Glass Beads for Traffic Markings
2143Lake I Culvert Abandonment
2144Photography for Youth Sports
2145Legal Services
2146Engineering Services - Bridge Design
2148Above Ground Storage Tanks
2149Pool Maintenance and Operation
2150Cab and Chassis w/Landscape Body
2154Guardrail Repair and Replacement Services
2155Crusher Run Stone & Rip Rap
2157OEM Replacement Parts - Cummins
2160Aluminum Sign Blanks
2161Audit Services
2056Landscaping Services Public Works Operations Ctr
2060Salt and Sand Spreaders
2108C.S.I. Specialty Vehicle
2153Transit Management Services
2156Landscape Mulch
2162Environmental Engineering Sevices
2163Ditch Cleaning Services
2164Creative Marketing and Design Services
2165Harbour Towne Parkway Wetland Crossing
2166Maintenance and Repair Services for Transit Buses
2167Badger Road Bridge Replacement
2168Southwestern Blvd. Bridge Replacement
2169Simons Drive Bridge Replacement
2170Sonar Operating System
2172Cemetery Maintenance Services
2173Beverage Concessions - 2018 Summer Concert Series
2175General Services Contractor
2176Towing and Recovery Services
2179Alpolic Sign Blanks
2180Kilby Lane Water System Improvements
2181Historical District Design Guidelines Update
2184Veterinary Services
2185Temporary Labor Services
2198Custodial Services Annual Contract
2200Project Management and Construction Inspection
2214Traffic Signal Construction Services
2094Water Treatment Chemicals
2115Safety Vests and Pants
2174Chevrolet Vehicles
2182Geotechnical Testing and Inspection Services
2186WTP Surface Water Improvements Project
2196Water Treatment Chemicals
2197Tire Recapping Services
2204Advertising Services for Transit Buses
2205Custodial Services for Secured Facilities
2206Veterinary Supplies Re-bid
2207Storm Water Pipe Installation
2208Asphalt Pavement Repair and Resurface Services
2209Electronic Lock System for Traffic Signal Cabinets
2210Bennetts Creek Park Trail
2211Scrap Metal Services
2212Storm Pipe Rehabilitation and Repair Rebid
2215OEM Replacement Parts - Ford - Autos & Light Truck
2216Generator Inspection, Maintenance and Repair
2218Repair and Resurfacing of Tennis court
2220Police Uniforms
2221Cedar Hill Cemetery Mausoleum Repairs
2222Natural Gas Pipeline
2223Realignment of Colonial Avenue
2224Mowing and Cleanup of Vacant Properties
2225Grass Cutting-Tower Sites
2226Fireworks Displays
2229Design for James River Shoreline and Open Spaces
2142Basketball Officiating Services
2159OEM Replacement Parts - Heil
2228Managed Print Services
2231Water System Samplers
2233Automotive Glass Replacement and Repair Services
2234Bulk Ice Control Rock Salt
2235Truck Mounted Attenuators
2236Helmets for Fire Department
2237Elevator Maintenance
2238Youth Basketball Uniforms
2240Plumbing Services
2241Traffic Signal Controller Cabinets and Controllers
2242Landscape Trailers
2243Systematic Flashing Yellow Arrow Conversion Rebid
2244Solar Camera Trailers
2245Portable Solar Message Boards
2246Fire and Rescue Promotional Assessment Center
2247Intelligent Street Light Operation System
2248MIneral Springs Road Improvements
2249Sleepy Hole Bluff Stabilization Projects
2250Refuse Containers
2251Master Plan for Driver Sports Complex
2252Thermoplastic Pavement Marking Materials
2253Grass Cutting Parks and Recreation
2254Branding Services for Downtown Suffolk
2255Landscaping Services City Owned Buildings
2256Wayfinding and Parking Signage Plan
2257Asphalt Pavement Repair and Resurface Services
2258Mills Godwin Courthouse Renovation
2259Rental of Dump Trucks and Large Equipment
2263Rental of Portable Toilets
2265Demolition of City Assessor Former Building
2266Landscaping Services-Public Works Operations Ctr
2267Consultant for Employee Benefits
2268Grounds Maintenance - EDA
2269Bridge Replacement Old Mill Road
2270Tree Maintenance Services
2274Cab&Chassis with Steel Enclosed Tapered Panel Body
2276Real Estate Appraisal Services
2277Water Treatment Chemicals
2278Grass Seed and Fiber Mulch
2279Water Meters
2280Cellular (Wireless) License
2281Medical Assessment for Public Safety Personnel
2285Replacement of Pump Station #10
2286Cab and Chassis with Crane
2287Portland Cement Mortar Mix and Ready Mix Quickrete
2290Pavement Coating Re-bid
2294Replacement of Pump Station #21
2297Document Destruction-Annual Contract
2299Architectural and Engineering Services
2303Sleepy Hole Golf Cart Barn
2304Birdsong Holland Road Water Main Project Re-Bid
2178Power Washing of Bus Shelters
2183Companion Services for Elderly and Disabled
2195Dump Truck with Snowplow and Spreader
2203Custodial Services for Bus Station Annual Contract
2227Exterior Dome PTZ Traffic Cameras
2283Voluntary Benefits
2288Pump Stations 120 Rehabilitation
2292Traffic Paint and Thermoplastic Marking Materials
2300Water System Repair Services Annual Contract
2301Concrete Curbing & Sidewalk Installation
2306Design Services for Central Library
2307Schools Facilities Needs Assessment
2308Isle of Wight Route 10 Water Transmission Main
2309Waste Oil Removal & Disposal
2310Generator Leasing and Maintenance
2311Trash Can Liner Re-Bid
2312Directional Boring & Trenchless Excavation
2315Southern Water Transmission Main Phase G
2316Pest Control Services Annual Services Contract
2317Automatic Teller Machine Services
2318Grass Cutting Services-Hosier Road Landfill
2319Bus Stop Benches & Trash Cans
2320Mobile Stage
2321Cartridge Filters for EDR Units
2325Concrete Driveway & Sidewalk Repairs
2329Plumbing Services
2330LED Traffic Signal Equipment
2192Pruden Blvd Drainage Improvements
2264Landscaping Services for Roadways
2272Beverage Concessions for Summer Concert Series
2296Internet Service Providers for Unserved Areas
2302Traffic Video Detection Equipment
2313Special Event Security Annual Services Contract
2323Engineering Services for Airport Annual Services
2324Drug and Alcohol Testing for Employees
2327Architectural & Engineering Services Parks & Rec
2328Wilroy Road 12 Inch Water Main Extension
2331Cab and Chassis w/TMA Mounts & Controls
2332Legal Counsel for Economic Development Authority
2334Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)-Annual Supplies
2336Employee Benefits - Medical and Health Management
2353Select Fill Class B Sand and Screened Topsoil
2354Cab & Chassis with Crane Body
2355Inspection and Maintenance of Radio Towers
2357Southern Water Transmissiom Main Phase G Segment 2
2359Engineering Services for Public Works
2361Thermoplastic Pavement Marking Materials
2363Wilroy Road Bridge Construction
2239Photography Services for Youth Sporting Events
2289Renovation of Fire Station # 1, Phase II
2337Joint Operations Facility
2365Engineering Services for Special Order by Consent
2366Pump Station 052 Upgrades
2367Seaboard Coastline Trail Phase 2
2368Bennetts Creek Recreation Center Renovation
2369Emergency Vehicle Pre-Emption Deployment Project
2370BMP Maintenance Services
2372Cedar Hill Cemetery Roadway Repair and Resurface
2373Demolition Services for Shoulders Hill Road
2374Water Treatment Chemicals
2376Engineering Services for Public Utilities
2377Electrical Services
2378Gasoline & Fuel Oil
2381Virginia Port Logistics Park Road A
2382Septic Tank Pumping Hauling and Repair Services
2383Personal Protective Equipment
2384Consulting Services Water and Sewer Rates
2385Holiday Light Show
2386Safety Supplies
2387Demolition Services for Parks and Recreation Build
2388Legislative Services
2389Bridge Repairs Annual Contract
2391Service Provider for Building Security and Access
2395Automotive Body Collision Repair Services
2396Find and Fix Collection System and Pump Station
2398HDPE Pipe
2314Aviation Fuel
2339Employee Benefits - Administrative Services
2351Cost Allocation Plan
2352Recycling Services
2379Class A Concrete Rebid
2392Pump Station #24 Replacement
2397Route 58 and Manning Bridge Road Improvements
2399Washed Sand
2400Lake Cohoon Bridge Rehabilitation
2401Demolition of Residential Structures
2402Replacement of Pump Station 022
2403Contractor Applied Pavement Markings
2404Glass Beads for Traffic Markings
2405Public Utilities Grass Cutting Services
24062035 Comprehensive Plan
2408Concrete Pipe
2409Bridge Road Intersection Improvements
2414Land Surveying Services
2415Concrete & Asphalt Repairs Annual Services
2416Demolition Services for Airport Storage Building
2418Bond Counsel Services
2419Pool Maintenance Services
2421Construction Project Closeout
2422Safety Vest and Pants
2424Crusher Run Stone and Rip Rap
2426Mowing Services Primary Routes Two Week Cycle
2427Mowing Services Primary Routes Three Week Cycle
2338Employee Benefits - Ancillary Coverage
2343Softball Officiating Services
2356Mowing Services for Primary Routes
2358Reflective Sheeting and EC Film for Traffic Signs
2364Design Services for Fire and Rescue Station 11
2417Sanitary Disposal Services
2420Engineering Service for Traffic Signal Timing
2423RFQ for Design-Build Airport Maintenance Building
2425Landscape Mulch
2428Landscaping Services - Fire Department
2429Landscaping Services - City Owned Buildings
2433Beverage Concessions for Summer Concert Series
2435Automotive Lubricants
2438Ditch Cleaning Services
2440Pughsville Road Gravity Sewer Extension
2442Annual Engineering Services - Railroad
2446Guardrail Repair and Installation
2449Tire Recapping
2450Alpolic Sign Blanks
2455Storm Water Pipe Installation
2456Temporary Labor Services
2458Companion Services to Elderly and Disabled
2460Speed Feedback Signs
2516Waterline for Airport
2394Lease of Box Hangar No 9
2436Henley Place Gravity Sewer Extension
2437Washington Street Holland Road Bridge
2454Cab and Chassis w/TMA Mounts and Controls
2462Custodial Services for Bus Station
2463Pump Station No. 50 and No. 67 Rehabilitation
2464Water Treatment Chemicals
2465Compensation & Classification Study
2466Custodial Services Annual Contract
2467Storm Pipe Rehabilitation and Repair
2470Lease for Parcel 44*62 .25 acre
2471Lease for Parcel 44*62 .49 acre
2472Lease for Parcel 44*62 .67 acre
2474Youth Basketball League Uniforms
2476Tennis Programs
2478Bridge Replacement on Carolina Road (Route 32)
2480Fire Apparatus and Quartermaster Storage Facility
2481Basketball Officiating Services
2491Nansemond Parkway Aerial Pipe Crossing Repairs
2494Landscaping Services Public Works Operations Ctr
2495Landscaping Services Roadways
2498Actuarial Services
2500Truck Mounted Attenuators
2505State of Good Repair Projects
2506Farm Leases - Lone Star Lakes
2430OEM Replacement Parts - Cummins
2443OEM Replacement Parts - Heil
2447Bipolar Ionization Furnish and Install
2459Meter Reading Services
2479Cypress Park Pool Renovations
2483Consulting Services Pavement Management Solutions
2492Grass Cutting - Tower Sites
2502Landscaping Services for Cemeteries
2504US 58 Bypass Intersection Improvements
2509Road Maintenance Line Paint Truck
2517Fire Hydrant Maintenance and Inspection Services
2518Pump Station No, 46 Rehabilitation
2519Fireworks Display (Re-bid)
2523Refuse Containers
2525Hangar 7 Roof Repair - Airport
2527Mowing Services Routes 17 58 Bypass and 460
2528Mowing Services Primary Routes Two Week Cycle
2532Grass Cutting Services Public Utilities
2538Rental of Portable Toilets
2541Right of Way Consulting Services
2545Recreation Activity Bus " Rec 2 Go"
2547Waste Oil Removal & Disposal
2548Pump Station 004 Replacement
2550Real Estate Appraisal Services
2439Portsmouth Boulevard Sidewalk Improvements
2441Travel Mobile Phone Application and Website
2448Emergency Pump/Haul Services for Pump Stations
2451Cemetery Maintenance Services
2452Downtown Drainage Improvements
2453Towing and Recovery Services
2457Temporary Labor Services - Information Technology
2487Employee Benefits - EAP
2493Mowing and Cleanup of Vacant Properties
2508Automotive and Equipment Replacement Parts
2543Craft Beer Brewery or Distributor Summer Concerts
2552 Police Promotional Assessment Center
2556False Alarm Billing and Tracking Services
2559Kilby Avenue Water Main
2560Water Treatment Chemicals
2562Zone C Operations Facility Phase 1
25633rd Avenue Water Main Replacement
2564Automated Road Safety Camera Enforcement
2566Uniforms-Fire & Rescue
2572Concrete Curbing & Sidewalk Installation
2573Medical Oversight Services for Fire and Police
2468Prentis Street Drainage Rehabilitation
2469Custodial Services for Secure Facilities
2473Nansemond Parkway Signal Upgrade RE-BID
2475Legislative Services
2486Helmets for Fire Department
2490OEM Replacement Parts - Ford Auto
2501Automotive Glass Replacement and Repair Services
2503Bulk Ice Control Rock Salt
2526Vending Services
2529Mowing Services Primary Routes Three Week Cycle
2531Rental of Dump Trucks and Large Equipment
2536Legal Services
2542Liability Insurance for Suffolk Executive Airport
2544Traffic Signal Controller Cabinets and Controllers
2577Grounds Maintenance Services - EDA
2581State of Good Repair Projects 2022
2587Security Annual Services Contract
2589Cartridge Filter for EDR Units
2591HDPE Pipe
2484Photography Services for Youth Sporting Events
2489Grass Cutting Services Parks and Recreation
2497HVAC Services Annual Contract
2499Find and Fix Collection System and Pump Station
2515Everetts Production Well Abandonment
2522East Washington Bridge Replacement
2539Tree Maintenance Services
2540Farm Lease - Tract 3091
2553Terminal Apron Rehabilitation
2557Commerce Street Parking Lot Expansion
2558Audio-Visual Equipment for Bennett
2586Traffic Video Detection Equipment Re-bid
2593Traffic Paint & Thermoplastic Marking Materials
2514Elwood Road Bridge Replacement
2524Demo Services for 219, 309, & 321 W. Washington St
2565Plumbing Services Annual Contract
2549Traffic Signal Technician Services
2551Grass Seed and Fiber Mulch
2569Pruden Blvd/Prudence Road Intersection (Rebid)
2570Basketball Officiating Services
2571Enterprise Drive Extension
2578Audit Services
2580Trash Can Liners
2582Youth Basketball League Uniforms
2583Portable Solar Message Boards
2585Pest Control Services - Annual Services Contract