Notice to Bidders
Request for Bid
Status: Closed
Bid#: 2012 00057
Title: Guardrail Repair and Replacement
Issue Date: January 26, 2012
Request Opens: 3:00 p.m.: February 9, 2012
Prebid/Preproposal Conference: No
Payment for Bid Document: None
The intent of this Invitation for Bid is to select one contractor to provide all labor, equipment, materials, transportation, and necessary permits and fees required to repair and replace guardrails on an as needed basis for the Department of Public Works Roads Maintenance Division during the contract period stated. Work shall be in accordance with all specifications, terms, and conditions herein.
4.1 General Requirements The Contractor shall be responsible for repair or replacement of guardrails located along City maintained roads, to include all necessary traffic control, on an ???as needed??? basis once notified by the Department of Public Works. All guardrail materials and guardrail component materials used shall be new; salvaged or used materials shall not be accepted. The Contractor shall be responsible for furnishing the necessary equipment to perform the job in a safe and efficient manner. Equipment to be furnished shall include truck with mounted attenuator, electronic flashing arrow, temporary flagger services, and any rented equipment that may be required to perform the work. The Contractor will be required to respond to requests for emergency repair within forty-eight (48) hours of contact by the City???s representative. The City shall determine which jobs are of an emergency nature. If the Contractor is unable to provide emergency service within forty-eight (48) hours of contact, the City reserves the right to contact other sources to accomplish the work; the Contractor may be required to pay the difference in price between the Contractor???s bid price and the actual price paid to another vendor. All work shall be performed in compliance with the Virginia Work Area Protection Manual dated May 2007 and Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) specifications. All work shall be performed in a first class workmanlike manner acceptable to the City in all respects. The City may reject all or any portion of the work which is not in accordance with the approved specifications or is deemed to be unsatisfactory. The City shall withhold payment for all work until all unsatisfactory work has been corrected.
Buyer Contact
Requests for information related to this Invitation should be directed to: Cindy L. Norfleet, CPPB, Senior Buyer (757) 514-7522 Email address:
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