Notice to Bidders
Request for Proposal
Status: Closed
Bid#: 2012-00080
Title: Auctioneering Services 2012
Issue Date: March 9, 2012
Request Opens: April 3, 2012: 5:00 pm
Prebid/Preproposal Conference: n/a
Payment for Bid Document: n/a
The intent of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to obtain auctioneering services for the sale of City-owned personal property which has been declared surplus. Auctioneer shall be registered with the Commonwealth of Virginia and shall be certified by the Virginia Auctioneers Board as a ???Certified Virginia Auctioneer???.
Items offered for sale via public auction shall be at the sole discretion of the City; the City reserves the right to dispose of surplus property via sealed bid, with On-Line Surplus Auction services or other approved methods. Items to be auctioned shall be sold in their entirety, ???as is???, ???where is???, no warranties expressed or implied, with removal being the responsibility of the successful buyer. Any public auction under this contract shall be scheduled by the City of Suffolk to be held at the Auctioneer???s place of business or at other locations that may be designated by the City. We are currently selling some of our surplus items on an on-line auction web site, these items include ??? surplus vehicles, surplus heavy equipment, surplus tires, surplus Information Technology items and surplus seized items from the Commonwealth Attorney???s office. We also have items that are not sold on the on-line site and this would include Police confiscated items, office furniture and small accessories that do not sell well on the on-line auction site. The auctioneer shall own, or have available for his use, at least 1000 square feet of indoor space with appropriate parking that may be used as an auction site. The City of Suffolk utilized a surplus property program that generated the following revenue over the last three fiscal years: On-Line Auctions and On-Site Auctions 2007-2008 $ 76,612.13 2008-2009 $ 58,173.08 2009-2010 $151,740.10 2010-2011 $105,575.40 The City of Suffolk does not have a warehousing facility to store, package and ship surplus items. The City of Suffolk, Purchasing Division is responsible for disposal of all items declared surplus. Currently a Buyer in the Purchasing office and Police Department staff coordinate the disposal of assets using the surplus auction method of disposal. The successful Offeror will work directly with either, Purchasing staff or designee to coordinate payment and pickup of assets purchased.
Buyer Contact
Ivy G. Crawford, VCA Buyer I City of Suffolk Purchasing Division (757) 514-4015 Fax: (757) 514-7524 Email:
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