Notice to Bidders
Request for Proposal
Status: Closed
Bid#: 2012-00078
Title: Asbestos & Lead Paint Inspections 2012
Issue Date: March 9, 2012
Request Opens: March 28, 2012: 5:00
Prebid/Preproposal Conference: n/a
Payment for Bid Document: n/a
It is the intent of this Request for Proposals (RFP) and resulting annual contract to obtain the services from qualified asbestos, lead paint, and indoor air quality inspectors for services related to the location and identification of asbestos-containing materials (ACM), lead based paint (LBP), and microbial contaminants in City-owned buildings as required for pre-demolition, renovation, and/or indoor environmental remediation projects. The Contractor may also be expected to provide the City with indoor environmental assessments and necessary documentation to design any needed pre-demolition and/or renovation abatement or remediation measures. Services shall include, but are not limited to, inspection services, sample analysis, reporting, project design, and project monitoring. The contract shall cover the period from June 1, 2012 through May 31, 2013. This contract may be renewed based on the terms and conditions at the expiration of its term by mutual agreement of the contractor and the City. The renewal may be for up to two (2) additional one-year periods. Notice of intent to renew will be given to the Contractor in writing by the City, normally sixty (60) days before the expiration date of the current contract.
The inspector shall conduct comprehensive inspections of structures identified by the City within ten (10) working days from the time of notification by the City's Project Manager. The Project Manager shall describe the extent and nature of the intended renovation/demolition with respect to properties to be inspected. Inspections shall be conducted in accordance with all Federal, State, and Local regulations. Only qualified and licensed inspector(s) licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia shall be utilized. The inspector shall ensure that all potential asbestos-containing materials and lead based paint which may be disturbed during the renovation/demolition are identified. If requested, the inspector shall also test the building(s) for indoor air quality.
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