Notice to Bidders
Request for Bid
Status: Awarded
Bid#: 2012-00115
Title: Village of Holland Water Sys Improvement Proj Ph 2
Issue Date: June 11, 2012
Request Opens: June 27, 2012
Prebid/Preproposal Conference: N/A
Payment for Bid Document: Bid Documents shall be obtained from Draper Aden Associates, Inc., 703 Thimble Shoals Boulevard, Suite C-2, Newport News, Virginia 23606 for a nonrefundable fee of $125.00 per set; limit two sets per firm. Firms requesting bidding documents via mail shall be assessed a $25.00 postage and handling fee per set; overnight delivery service, if requested shall be at the firm's expense. Make check out to "Draper Aden Associates, Inc.". Checks for shipping and handling shall be made payable to ???Draper Aden Associates, Inc.???
Construction of proposed water system improvements, including but not limited to construction of: approximately 8,700 linear feet of 12-inch diameter water main and appurtenances; approximately 2,700 linear feet of 8-inch diameter water main and appurtenances; approximately 3,900 linear feet of 6-inch diameter water main and appurtenances, 3,000 linear feet of 4-inch diameter water main and appurtenances; all required valves, tees, bends or other fittings; water service installations and reconnections; excavation; backfilling; compacting; testing; disinfection; site restorations; pavement restoration; site cleanup; and all incidental materials and equipment which are required in order to provide complete and in-place installations
Bid Documents are open to public inspection at the offices of: Builders and Contractors Exchange, Inc., 1118 Azalea Garden Road, Norfolk, VA 23502; The Builders??? Exchange Association of Virginia, 3207 Hermitage Road, Richmond, VA 23227; Department of Public Utilities 1252 Holland Road, Suffolk, VA 23434; and Draper Aden Associates, Inc., 703 Thimble Shoals Boulevard, Suite C-2, Newport News, Virginia 23606.
Buyer Contact
Linda S. Story, CPPB Purchasing Agent (757) 514-7523 (T) e-mail:
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