Notice to Bidders
Request for Proposal
Status: Awarded
Bid#: 2013-00008
Title: Appraisal Services for Right of Way
Issue Date: July 16, 2012
Request Opens: 5:00 p.m.; August 7, 2012
Prebid/Preproposal Conference: N/A
Payment for Bid Document: None
The intent of this Request for Proposal is to solicit proposals from qualified appraisers to provide real estate appraisal services on an ???as needed basis??? for the City of Suffolk. Services may include, but are not limited to, valuations of property related to the purchase, sale or lease of property, right-of-way, drainage, utility, access and other easement valuations. Services may also include appraisal review. Appraisal firms must be listed on the Virginia Department of Highway???s (VDOT) approved list of appraisers to perform appraisal services herein. Award may be made to multiple offerors.
5.1 The Appraisor, employing qualified and competent personnel, shall perform all services necessary to prepare appraisals as requested by the City. Final reports shall be furnished and delivered to the City in a timely manner. Reports shall be accompanied by all necessary documents needed to prepare reports or necessary for eminent domain proceedings covering said properties.
Buyer Contact
Requests for information related to this Invitation should be directed to: Cindy L. Norfleet, CPPB Senior Buyer (757) 514-7522 Email address:
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