Notice to Bidders
Request for Bid
Status: Awarded
Bid#: 2013-00036
Title: Landscaping - Hall Avenue
Issue Date: October 24, 2012
Request Opens: November 9, 2012; 3:00 p.m
Prebid/Preproposal Conference: NON-MANDATORY 10 a.m. November 5, 2012 Health and Human Services Building 135 Hall Avenue Suffolk, VA 23434
Payment for Bid Document: None
The intent of this Invitation for Bid and resulting contract is to obtain competitive bids from qualified contractors to provide landscaping services along Hall Avenue. The contractor will be required to furnish all labor, supervision, equipment, materials, supplies, fuel, transportation, permits and fees required to perform the work. All mulch and topsoil will be provided by the City. Work and materials shall be in accordance with all specifications, terms, conditions, and attached drawings.
4.1 General Specifications A. The planting plan, to be conducted in two phases, shall adhere to the following specifications as depicted on the attached exhibits. B. Phase I: Phase I shall consist of the following area: Northern right-of-way section of Hall Avenue, extending from East Washington Street on the east to South Main Street on the west. 1. Replace eighteen (18) missing or damaged Seedless Sweet Gum trees along Hall Avenue from East Washington Street to South Main Street. The project manager will mark the ground with white paint and blue flags for missing trees. Trees will be planted five (5) feet behind the existing curb. Sweet gum trees must be ball and burlap with a minimum two inch (2???) caliper. 2. Install nine (9) Willow Oak trees as shown on the attached exhibit. Trees must be a minimum two inch (2???) caliper. 3. Install a shrub hedge of Nellie R. Stevens Hollies from East Washington Street to South Main Street on seven foot (7???) centers. Shrubs must be planted seven feet (7???) feet from curb, three feet (3???) from the back of a ten foot (10???) planting strip. Plants must be a minimum height of ten to fourteen feet (10-14???). 4. All trees and shrubs must conform to the ???American Standard for Nursery Stock,??? ANSI Z60.1-l2004 developed by the American Nursery and Landscape Association.
Buyer Contact
Requests for information related to this Invitation should be directed to: Cindy L. Norfleet, CPPB, Senior Buyer (757) 514-7522 Email address:
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