Notice to Bidders
Request for Bid
Status: Awarded
Bid#: 2013-00081-CN
Title: Lake Meade Dog Park Driveway and Parking Lot Impro
Issue Date: 03/08/2013
Request Opens: 3:00 p.m.; 03/28/2013
Prebid/Preproposal Conference: NON-MANDATORY 10 A.M. March 19, 2013 Lake Meade Park (behind Farm Fresh) 1401 North Main Street Suffolk, VA 23434
Payment for Bid Document: None
The intent of this Invitation for Bid and resulting contract is to obtain competitive bids from qualified contractors to provide driveway extension, drainage, and parking lot extension improvements for the Lake Meade dog Park located off Main Street, Suffolk, Virginia behind Farm Fresh. The contractor will be required to furnish all labor, supervision, equipment, materials, supplies, fuel, transportation, permits and fees required to perform the work. All mulch and topsoil will be provided by the City. Work and materials shall be in accordance with all specifications, terms, conditions, and attached drawings/plans.
5.1 General Specifications A. Driveway extension, drainage and parking improvements shall be constructed as shown and specified on the attached site plan by M.S.A., PC entitled ???Site Plan of Lake Meade Dog Park Suffolk Virginia??? dated June 27, 2012. Improvements will include all necessary cutting and filling needed to install the driveway, parking, adjacent curbing, sidewalk and drainage improvements. Other improvements include final grading of areas up to five feet (5???) from back of curb or adjacent to sidewalk. (Top soil will be provided by the City of Suffolk). Removal of erosion and sediment controls, tree protection fencing and temporary chain link fencing and gates will be done by others. B. Approximately 1,700 tons of 21A stone and 973 cubic yards of fill soil will be provided by the City of Suffolk for the project. Any significant increases (more than 10%) above these quantities must be approved by the City???s project manager.
Buyer Contact
Requests for information related to this Invitation should be directed to: Cindy L. Norfleet, CPPB, Senior Buyer (757) 514-7522 Email address:
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