Notice to Bidders
Request for Bid
Status: Awarded
Bid#: 2013-00089-MC
Title: Water Treatment Plant Horizontal Directional Drill
Issue Date: 4-18-2013
Request Opens: 5-14-2013
Prebid/Preproposal Conference: N/A
Payment for Bid Document: Bid Documents shall be obtained from the office of CDM Smith, 825 Diligence Drive, Suite 205, Newport News, Virginia 23606, (757) 873-8850, for a nonrefundable fee of $35.00 per set. Checks shall be made payable to ???Treasurer, City of Suffolk???. Firms requesting bidding documents via mail shall be assessed $15.00 handling fee per set, made payable to ???CDM Smith???, and by providing a Federal Express or UPS Account Number. If requested, overnight delivery service shall be at the firm's expense.
City of Suffolk, VA, will accept sealed bids until 3 p.m., May 14, 2013 to furnish all labor, materials, equipment, supplies, permits and fees for the G. Robert House Jr. Water Treatment Plant Sewer Force Main Extension Horizontal Directional Drill. The project consists of the installation of approximately 3,700 linear feet of 12-inch (nominal) sewer force main by directional drilling across the Nansemond River and related work.
In case of error, bidders may request withdrawal of bids within 2 days after the bid opening by submitting original work papers with notice of request.
Buyer Contact
Michael Coburn Sr. Administrative Analyst (757)514-7523
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