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Under Virginia State law, these real estate assessment records are public information. Display of property on the Internet is specifically authorized by § 58.1-3122.2 of the Code of Virginia (1950), as amended.*

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* Code of Virginia

ARTICLE 1. Commissioners of the Revenue.

§ 58.1-3122.2. Remote access to nonconfidential public records maintained by commissioner. -- The commissioner of the revenue may provide remote access, including access through the global information system known as the Internet, to all nonconfidential public records maintained by his office, subject to such limitations as may be imposed by applicable law. Any system of remote access created or maintained pursuant to this section shall include security measures that preclude remote access users from (i) obtaining any data that is required to be maintained as confidential pursuant to § 58.1-3, the Privacy Protection Act of 1976 (§ 2.1-377 et seq.), the Virginia Public Records Act (§ 42.1-76 et seq.), or other applicable law, and (ii) modifying or destroying any record or data in any manner. (1998, c 235.)